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About Us

Behssa company has been founded in 2003 on credibility of years of experience and commence its activities in consulting, designing   and procurement for  vast national projects, in the shape of EPC company (Engineering,Procurement & construction)  in order to give professional engineering services in the field of residential, commercial and administrative buildings.

Building industry has dramatically ameliorated and consequently operational industries have surprisingly been enhanced. Behssa’s executive objective is to optimize and develop building industry in IRAN utilizing preceding experiences as well as new technologies via participating in professional building exhibitions around the world and especially in European countries. Moreover, they try to bridge with outstanding producers in order to prepare fundamental building equipment including , fire fighting systems, building management system (BMS) ,HVAC Systems, intellectual management parking system(PMS), and in providing pipelines and joints, could obtain sales agent from various credit companies.

Behssa’s perspective is to render optimal engineering services to employers , contractors and consultative companies and good suppliers as soon as possible with high quality and reasonable charge. In order to obtain this aspiration, this company has done its best regarding personnel and expert staff and hope that soon would be recognized the summit of engineering companies and would acquire rightful role in the quality of engineering knowledge in IRAN.


Members of the Board

  • Armin Shokouhi           Managing Director and CEO
  • Kazem Alipour             Member of the board


To be the Asian premier engineering, construction, and project Management Company, we must do our effort to find:

  • Customers and partners will see us as central way to their success.We will predict their needs and deliver on every commitment we can make.
  • Our Staff will be proud to work at Behssa. We will make a great job environment,fine their job needs and try to cover them as we can.


Customer satisfaction.

Improving quality of our products and services.

Continual improvment

Promote our Staff(training).

Behssa has succeeded to receive ISO 9001-2000 certificate for Quality Management System from TUV-intercet from 2004 which 2011 and intending to extend it by HSE-MS